Flirt Buddies App – Review

Within our Flirt Buddies inspection When we began we had high hopes. We wanted to locate an excellent website, with a population of both men and women, and also an interface.

We’ve reviewed many, many sites through the years in our constant quest to obtain the best websites out there for meeting single elderly women.

As always, we ran a full review If utilizing the site the site that would determine would actually offer you a shot of meeting women.

If it was the Flirt Buddies is a wonderful site we’d include them in our rankings of the topĀ Hookup Sites for assembly sole cougars. Below is what we discovered.


In the bottom of their User Agreement, there’s a tiny message about the website. It says, “ differs.

Unlike other online dating websites that have guys in lab coats choosing who is the very best match we simply give you all the tools at your hands to obtain the most popular most compatible dating partners.”

I am not sure about these Guys in lab coats or the promise they are giving their associates “tools” for the relationship. But I would agree.

Flirt Buddies Is situated in Anguilla. That is different. And in case you’re thinking about where Anguilla is, Wikipedia informs me that it’s a place notorious for scamming, in the British Virgin Islands companies.

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Flirt Buddies Review Verdict — Don’t Even Try This One

One of those “women” that Chatted me while I was on the site told me that her hands were chilly. And then she asked, “May I place them in your pants to warm up?”

That’s just bad flirting. And that is the thing about the Flirt Buddies scam. It is not even smart. It is just standard, dull, content that is offensive that nobody must participate with. I wouldn’t recommend the website.

I am hoping review helps you to avoid All the windows and Glitchy pages I needed to wade through.

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